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Australia with us Great sights. Great moments. Great friends.

We'll show you the heart and soul

Traveling with us isn’t about ticking the boxes but those eye-opening moments in time that stay with you for life.

Like you, our Tour Managers are travelers. They live and breathe Australia, so they have tons of tips to share for amazing local experiences. Get to know their favorite places to eat out, where the great shops are, how far away the next adventure buzz is, or how to find a great local bar.

They’re right there with you when you need them. And when you don’t, they’re taking care of all the gritty details - getting you checked-in to your hotels, arranging meals and sightseeing - giving you plenty of space to make it what you want.

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Share with like-minded 18-35s

Part of the Contiki experience is about who you travel with. Our travelers come from all over - America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, South Africa, Asia – and like you they’re keen to check out the world.

Local guides

We buddy up with Local Guides who bring your travels alive with extra insider knowledge.

Get more with Contiki

Australia is a big place so we make sure you see the best bits. Get access to more sights, activities and free time. More amazing accommodation, more definite departures and a heap of exclusive experiences you only get with us. Look out for the Only Contiki symbol on each itinerary.

On the road since ‘62

We’ve been creating eye-opening journeys around the world for decades. The time’s been spent learning, refining and improving so you get the best out of your travels.

Getting around

Half the fun is how you get there. We mix up the coach ride with included ferries, cruises and 4WDs too, and it’s more and it’s more than just a way to get around – it’s a social event. Catch up with your new mates, listen to music, take in the views or curl up and chill.


First big trip?

Even if you’ve traveled before, your first big trip can be daunting, but we’re here to help. Check out the Community or Facebook for lots of good tips or advice, or drop us a line.

Going solo?

More than half our travelers go alone, but you’ll never finish a Contiki without new friends. We can match you with a same-sex room-mate, or you can opt to have your own room for a little extra.



Visas? Money? Where to go? Chat to us about travel.